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The Future of the Internet

There are lots of prognostications on what may happen as the internet continues to develop. One of the current favorite ways to demonstrate these predictions is through the use of infographics such as this  look at the Internet in 2020 … Continue reading

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Where Do Your Tweets Originate?

How often do you hear folk bemoaning the rise of Twitter and how it is destroying communication as we know it? Apart from the the obvious, have you ever wondered whether Twitter is as prolific in adoption in your part … Continue reading

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How Video Games Are Changing Education

I must admit that this one slipped by when it was first published in August last year, (but given the caveat that Online Colleges publish infographics of this type also as a means of link harvesting), it is still worth … Continue reading

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Games in Education

I have to admit I’m not a gamer and probably never will get into it in any big way. Having said this though I can’t deny that there is a lot to be said for considering how the principles underlying … Continue reading

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iPhone Users Come In Seven Types?: The Infographic

A little bit of mischievous fluff, (and probably self deprecatory), however iPhone users will appreciate this little infographic…… Click to EnlargeAll Area CodesView Other Infographics

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