Problems and Promises of Web 2.0

In 2006 I was fortunate enought to be a small part of the hugely successful K12onlineconference around the teme of Web 2.0. My presentation was a recount of the journey thus far in seeking to involve my school and my class in the world of Web 2.0 through blogs, wikis and podcasts. The presentation, It’s Elementary; The problems and promises of working with blogs, wikis and podcasts in a primary, (elementary) school,  is a self running flash file. Included in the Attachments tab in the top right corner of the screen are also notes on getting started with Edublogs, Wikispaces and Audacity as well as a sample letter for parents. Please feel free to use the presentation and notes as you wish.


2 Responses to Problems and Promises of Web 2.0

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  2. Al Upton says:

    Great blog and resources John. I enjoyed and appreciated your comments on Graham Wegner’s post
    I’d like to add you (+ any and all Aust turned-on-line educators) to my twitter but couldn’t find you. Please contact me and let me know of anyone else interested, Cheers, Al

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