Cell Phone Parenting Advice | Common Sense Media

Watch videos on cell phone parenting. Get expert advice from Common Sense Media editors.

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This page from the huge resource that is Common Sense Media contains a number of short videos which explore the allure of and downsides of using a range of popular phone apps including Kik, Snapchat, Vine and more. You will also find some Parenting Advice links as well, (plus much more if you explore the whole Common Sense Media site).

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iPad Monthly | professional development | teachers | ipads | resource

The home page of the ipad monthly newsletter.

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The iPad Monthly is a relatively new, (they are five issues in) Professional Development Newsletter created and distributed under the aegis of Paul Hamilton who has been doing great work in the use of iPads in the classroom. Paul’s work is always grounded in classroom practice and one of the great inclusions within the posts in the iPad monthly are links to the Australian Curriculum. At $50 Australian for a 12 monthly subscription it is certainly very cost effective PD. For further information check out the free sample Issue One.

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Do You Need To Get Smarter With Your Data, The ACCC Thinks You Do

Identity theft is an often ignored downside of our highly connected world. One recent report found that

“…… identity crime is one of the most common crime types in Australia, affecting between 750 000 to 900 000 people each year, with an estimated annual cost of at least $1.6 billion.”

It is little wonder then that the ACCC is concerned with the impact on our economy quite apart from any social and other cost. In order to alert consumers as to the risks we run when sharing data they in association with the Australasian Consumer Fraud Taskforce have commissioned this movie.

If you wish to find out a little more about identity theft and what you can do to mitigate the risks associated with. the Australian Federal Police provides some sage advice.

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Banning mobile phones is cargo cult science

Making waves this week on twitter and blogs is this stu…

Source: www.educate1to1.org

How propitious it is to find this analysis of a recent UK study on the effect of “banning mobile phones:. Just in this last week the university group which I am tutoring have been speaking about what makes a spurious argument. One of the oft used but disingenuous argument types is that of the nexus between correlation and causation. Now where was this article then.

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Reforming Schools: Most Likely To Succeed

School reform is a topic that seems to transcend the ages however it seems that the advent of a new century combined with a the ‘technological revolution’ has spawned another surge in the debate. One of the dichotomies that has emerged surrounds the tension between a need to measure and quantify outcomes and a desire to promote divergent and creative thinking. As with many arguments in society a range of champions have emerged. Included in the creative/divergent camp Sir Ken Robinson holds a prominent place alongside a number of other luminaries who have featured in TED talks and elsewhere.

One Potato Productions has taken up the argument and has created a documentary “Most Likely To Succeed“. To get a feel for the docco check out this trailer.

To get another point of view on the film check out this quite elongated review of it from TheLipTV.

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How A 6-Year-Old Learned Coding Skills With These Adorable Robot Toys

If coding really is the new literacy, you’re going to want to start your kid early.

Source: www.fastcoexist.com

I’ve purchased Dash and Dot and am impressed with the range of options that are available using the three iPad apps associated with them. Unfortunately I don’t have any youngsters around me who I can “trial” my robots with. It’s great then to read an article which records in some detail how some “real” children have reacted to them.

If you’re not yet familiar with Dash and Dot then you might also like to check out the Dash and Dot YouTube Channel where another pair of youngsters, Wally and Mimi share how to get started and more with Dash and Dot.

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Teaching With Video And More

Video is so pervading these days but are we making the most of things? Here’s an exploration of some options that enable teachers to add structure to viewers’ experiences.

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