Online Presentations

To support presentations that I am giving at conferences I have begun to use wikis as the basis for the content. The direct links to these are listed below:

Search Me A look at the wide world of search with an emphasis on education (Last Edit September 2014)
Edmodo A look at Edmodo, Social Networking For Schools (Last Edit 16 June 2014)
Diigo A look at how to use Diigo to curate and catalogue information (Last Edit 17 September 2014)
iDevice Searches A look at some of the search options you can use with iOS devices (Last Edit 29 March 2014)
All A Twitter  A guide to getting started with Twitter (Last Edit 29 April 2014)
Augmented Reality A look at augmented reality, how it is is developing and how it might be used in education (Last Edit 14 May 2014)
Student Curation  A look at how teachers might encourage students to become curators within the classroom (Last Edit 18 June 2014)
Curation: The Next Big C An exploration of what Curation is and some of the tools/spaces which can be used to curate digital content (Last Edit 11 September 2014)
RU ‘appy A look at the why’s and how’s of working with iOS apps in the classroom (Last Edit 13 September 2014)
Calendars, Hangouts, + Communities   A look at Google Calendars, Hangouts, Google Plus and Google Communities in school settings (Last Edit 13 September 2014)
I Like Shiny Things An eclectic collection of shiny things that have caught my eye (Last Edit 29 September 2014)
Should Your Students Catch a Code  An exploration of coding in school settings (Last Edit 30 August 2015)
PD is Dodgy A look at some alternative options for teacher professional development (Last Edit 31 October 2014)
 Edison: A Great Ozzie ‘Bot  A look at the Edison Robot  (Last Edit 30 August 2015)
 Making With Makey-Makey A look at the Makey-Makey  (Last Edit 30 August 2015)
 Wonder Workshopping With Dash & Dot A look at the Dash and Dot Robots  (Last Edit 12 October 2015)
On A Roll: A Little Robotic Code A look at the Sphero Robot  (Last Edit 12 October 2015)
Can I Tickle Your Fancy A look at the Tickle coding app in concert with Dash and Dot, Sphero, Parrot Drone and LightBlue Bean  (Last Edit 12 October 2015)
Toying With Makerspaces A look at a range of ‘toys’ and other products that might be used in Makerspaces, (includes links to a number of other sub presentations listed above)  (Last Edit 12 October 2015)

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