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10 Years Of The State Of Wikipedia

On the weekend one of the more hotly debated spaces in this age of online collaboration turned 10. On January 15th 2001, Jimmy Wales made the first edit to the homepage on a recently installed UseModWiki with the text “Hello, … Continue reading

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Wikis in the workplace: a practical introduction – Ars Technica

From Ars Techinica, this article looks at realtime use of wikis in the workplace. It is well worth a read for those concerned with preparing students for uses of technology that they might find in the workplace. It also deals … Continue reading

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My Diigo Links 09/15/2009

How to Embed Almost Anything in your Website This blog post from Amit Agarwal is a list of ways to embed a range of different content into HTML based web pages. In addition to the post as always it is … Continue reading

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Science Is E-E-E-E-Easy: Another Online Presentation

One of the professional associations that I still support even though I am no longer full time in the classroom, is the local Science Teachers Association of Victoria, (STAV). I find that for most conferences they offer, (and in the … Continue reading

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One Web Day

Via Andy Carvin comes a reminder that is never too late to start planning for OneWebDay. With the avowed aim “…… to create, maintain, advance, and promote a global day to celebrate online life.” the whole notion makes for an … Continue reading


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Coast To Coast Comparisons

Well what a week last week was. First off was the Perth experience at the 2007 World Conference on Science and Technology Education. As reported earlier the keynote sessions in particular were stellar. Many of the other option sessions were … Continue reading

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Demos: Their Space Revealed

Via the venerable Kerrie Smith from comes a link to a must read report from the UK Demos organisation, the ‘the think tank for everyday democracy‘. Some 81 pages in length, the report draws on a range of date … Continue reading

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Flickring Tutorials Some More

Aren’t holidays fun, my wife is in Sydney for the day, it is rainy and cold down here in Geelong so what better things to do than write some more Getting Started notes. As more students will be wanting to … Continue reading

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Am I, (Are You), Hung Up On Technology?

This week in my fave paper, The Age, Graeme Philipson wrote a thought provoking article about technology addiction titled All Hung Up On Technology. The premise of the article is that many of us are more motivated by Technology Envy … Continue reading

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Boxed In

Following some queries from a couple of people, (and being reminded by seeing it on Graham’s Gen Z site) I have finally activated My site. Even better I have uploaded some support notes that I have used at recent … Continue reading

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