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Tinkering With Tinkercad Rather Than Sketching Up With Google

Given the recent news that Google has decided to sell off Google Sketchup to the GPS focussed Trimble it was propitious to find a link from Edutecher, one of my favorite URL sources, to open source 3D modelling Tinkercad. As Google … Continue reading

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Evernote: Can It Get Better Than V4?

If like me you have an Evernote account you’re probably already sold on how easy it is to save just about anything digital into the one space that can be accessed from anywhere you can get an internet connection. Hopefully … Continue reading

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Backing Up Your Blog

When working with computers it is vitally important to keep your data safe. Hard drives on computers, (and for that matter flash drives, DVD’s and any digital storage device), do not last forever. Anyone who has had a hard drive … Continue reading

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The Nuts And Bolts Of QR Codes: My Diigo Links 01/19/2011

QR Codes: The nuts and bolts #QRCode #edtech #ukedchat – eLearning Blog Dont Waste Your Time “I’ve had some amazing discussions with some colleagues recently about QR Codes and how we can use them. When I got over the initial … Continue reading

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Summarity: Getting To The Point

Let’s face it reading lengthy articles on the screen can often be a pain and every now and then it would be great if the main points were highlighted for you. At other times it would be great to be … Continue reading

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Apps, Flowcharts & File Hosting: My Diigo Links 11/26/2010 – Your guide to iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch Apps! “Searching the app store is clunky. Here at iAppGuide we give you an easy way to search and preview the app store from one screen. We provide you specialized … Continue reading

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City Hall Bloodbath: When Old Media Meets Social Media

Increasingly traditional media is embracing social media as an adjunct to their usual offerings. They’re also looking to involve social media tools to enhance the way they gather material though perhaps not to the extent that these folk from the … Continue reading

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Spending On ICT In Schools, Is It Working?

If you had to spend a million pounds, you’d really hope to have something to show for it. Yet most schools have spent at least that on ICT and get nothing obvious in return — aside from a few hundred … Continue reading

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QR Codes: Are You Ready For Paper-Based Hyperlinks?

QR, or Quick Response codes, unlike barcodes which scan right to left or vice versa, are two dimensional. As a result they enable significantly more information to be included in the QR icon. Originally developed in Japan by a Toyota … Continue reading

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How Dumb Is The Internet Making Us?

Does the use of technology have a deleterious effect on learning? Is it possible that we are being “dumbed down” by the internet? Didn’t the advent of television cause all manner of social ills? Even if you disagree with the … Continue reading

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