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Life At 15, It’s The Age

My local paper The Age has been running a fascinating series this week focusing on the life of fifteen years olds. Whilst the print version has made for a really interesting read, the online version of the paper has really … Continue reading

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Coast To Coast Comparisons

Well what a week last week was. First off was the Perth experience at the 2007 World Conference on Science and Technology Education. As reported earlier the keynote sessions in particular were stellar. Many of the other option sessions were … Continue reading

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Demos: Their Space Revealed

Via the venerable Kerrie Smith from comes a link to a must read report from the UK Demos organisation, the ‘the think tank for everyday democracy‘. Some 81 pages in length, the report draws on a range of date … Continue reading

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Darryl the ICT guy has alerted his readers that Mashable has recently added some great posts highlighting resources around Photography and Video Toolboxes. The toolboxes comprise extensive annotated lists of the best tools that Web 2.0 users can select from … Continue reading


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So The Term Has Flickred To An End

Whilst most of the northern hemisphere schools are winding down for the long end of school year break, down here in Oz we are now about to take our shorter mid year break. As a result there is much tidying … Continue reading

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Threaded Voices

Via Pete Mackay from the teacherlist comes this really exciting looking tool called VoiceThread. VoiceThread is a means of publishing images to the web in a folder format that includes either spoken or written commentary. Most importantly VoiceThread also enables … Continue reading

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Am I, (Are You), Hung Up On Technology?

This week in my fave paper, The Age, Graeme Philipson wrote a thought provoking article about technology addiction titled All Hung Up On Technology. The premise of the article is that many of us are more motivated by Technology Envy … Continue reading

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Boxed In

Following some queries from a couple of people, (and being reminded by seeing it on Graham’s Gen Z site) I have finally activated My site. Even better I have uploaded some support notes that I have used at recent … Continue reading

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The Kiwis Are In Time4Online Too

Via Paul Harrington comes a link to some more great work from the redoubtable Kiwi Allanah King just across the ditch, (that spot of ocean between we Aussies and NZ). This time Allanah has produced a great video relating her … Continue reading

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Playing With The Boundaries, K12 Online Again

After the huge success of last year’s K-12 Online conference it is not surprising to see an even bigger event planned for this year. Congratulations to Wes, Darren, Sheryl and Lani for getting together once again and do all of … Continue reading

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