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Banning mobile phones is cargo cult science

Making waves this week on twitter and blogs is this stu… Source: How propitious it is to find this analysis of a recent UK study on the effect of “banning mobile phones:. Just in this last week the university … Continue reading

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Apps, Flowcharts & File Hosting: My Diigo Links 11/26/2010 – Your guide to iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch Apps! “Searching the app store is clunky. Here at iAppGuide we give you an easy way to search and preview the app store from one screen. We provide you specialized … Continue reading

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Kindle Armageddon: How the Publishing Industry Is Slitting Its Own Throat

The paperless office has long been talked about but is yet to materialise but now it’s the turn of the printed book. In this interesting article, and even more interesting commentary stream that follows, Dan Agin makes the argument that … Continue reading

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Sliding In To Mobile Learning

Having been the owner of an iPhone now for some 6 months or so I don’t need any convincing at all of the opportunity that these and other mobile devices can offer both in everyday life as well as for … Continue reading

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