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Using Google Search Options

In one of the units I help tutor at university we are looking at Google Search and doing just a little more than using the simple “vanilla” search option. To help out I’ve created a quick and simple look at … Continue reading

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Google Apps for iPad Users – Summit Resources

Lots of people were turning up at Google Summit workshops with an iPad, only to be disappointed that many things that work on a computer either don’t work at all on an iPad, or work very differently. Although they have many … Continue reading

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Introduction to Google Drive 2014

As part of my work with Google Drive I have created a series of Quick Guide movies on working with Google Drive 2014. In the first of these movies I provide an overview of the Google Drive interface. In my … Continue reading

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Drive Your Science Class Further

Last week I was privileged to present at yet another STAVCON Science Teachers’ Conference. One of the sessions was a rework of a previous presentation looking at the use of Google Drive in science classrooms. Here’s the Google Slides deck … Continue reading

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G-Male: The Perfect Companion

Google, the verb that just keeps on giving, but as it gives it also takes. Every time we use any of the ever expanding Google services we also leave a little something behind. Though relatively benign as single entities, over … Continue reading

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OK, I’m A Google Academy Wannabe Too

Despite the fact that some commentators are beginning to have qualms about the burgeoning size of Google one of the most impressive aspects of Google’s many offerings is their recognition of and support for education. Google Apps for Education is … Continue reading

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“Office 365 for Education leapfrogs Google Apps for Education”

If you haven’t checked out the productivity suite offerings available in “the cloud” then it may be time to do so. The latest announcements from Microsoft re Office 365 suggests that the transition to the clouds is moving apace. As … Continue reading

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Google Finds Paris In A Paper Aircraft Released Into Space

Like it or not when you ask most folk how to locate something on the internet they will suggest that you “Google it”. In fact before I go too much further I have to also confess that the search engine … Continue reading

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Hands-On with Google Docs for iPad and iPhone

One of the initial real problems with working with iPods/Phones/Pads has been the inability to work with flash based cloud applications such as Google Docs. Pretty soon some third party app developers began to develop “workarounds” to enable users to … Continue reading

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Google Presenter Gets Truly Animated

Now some of us who’ve been using Google Docs for some time have come to appreciate the sharing features that so easily enable collaboration. Some of us with long memories might even remember doing frame by frame animation with PowerPoint. … Continue reading

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