Archived Presentations

The following are links to some of the presentations that I have created which are no longer current. I have archived them here to serve as a record of some of the issues, ideas, spaces, tools which I have used or worked with in my teaching.

Note some of the links contained in the presentations may no longer work.

Blogs etc A general look at some of the main Web 2.0 tools and apps including examples
Web Tools To Try Why you don’t need proprietary software much if at all
Projecting Passionately One school’s story of how to use blogs as a vehicle for online projects
More Than Blogs A look at a range of different ways that teachers are using blogs and wikis in schools
Digistories Examples of some of the ways that you can work with students to create and showcase digital stories
More Than Flippin’ Videos The story of one teacher’s work with students developing digital stories
Web Safety 4 Kids A look at some of the important issues related to safety for children on the internet
IWBs4CRTs A look at three of the most popular Interactive Whiteboards and how casual relief teachers can best use them in classrooms
IWB4middleyears A look at the use of Interactive Whiteboards in the middle years of schooling, (years 5-10)
Web2forprins A wiki especially for principals and other administrators that looks at blogs, wikis and couple of other WEB 2.0 tools and how they can be used in school settings
Science and ICT Exploring some ways in which information and communication technologies can be used in science
5E’s Science All about teaching science using the 5E’s, Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate and Evaluate
Touring The Digestive System A pdf role play and simulation of the human digestive system.
Get The Picture A look at some ways to capture and manipulate digital images. You can hear the recording of this presentation via Elluminate.
My PLN A look at some tools to use to set up and manage your own Personal Learning Network
In The Clouds A general look at some of the main Cloud Computing tools and apps including examples
DSME2010 A presentation for a group of 2009 DSME pre-service teaching students at Melbourne University
EET330 A support wikispace for the EET330 Teaching With New Technologies Deakin University Unit
Using ICT In Project Based Learning An exploration of how ICT and Project Based Learning are a perfect match
iDevice Stories  A look at some iOS apps useful for creating digital stories
Digistories  A look at some sites and tools useful for creating digital stories
Thinking in the Cloud A look at some cloud based thinking tools
Teaching Online: What Does It Really Look Like? A look at mine and one of my student’s experiences in teaching and learning in an online environment

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