Family Science

A number of years ago colleagues at a couple of schools that I taught in were interested enough in science to want to promote it to our parent bodies. An upshot of this was a series of after school events under the heading of Family Science. These evenings involved a student with one of their parents coming up to school to partake in some science based activities in a structured format. I’ve recently re-visited this idea in a presentation I did at the SASTA conference. The following are the slides I used in the presentation.

The slides contain an outline and rationale for the way we ran our Family Science events, (note there are a number of possible models of which ours is but one). The slides also contain some of the starter activities that we used as well as the link to a Google Doc which shares some of the more extended activities, (note if I get the time I will add to these).

Please feel free to download a copy of the slides.

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