Penning in 3D

Some time back I noticed the 3Doodler Pen via Kickstarter and as I had long hankered after a 3D construction option but lacked the funds to purchase a full-on 3D printer this seemed a cost effective entree to the field so I of course backed the project. Since that time there have been a number of developments in the 3D pen arena including upgrades to the 3Doodler as well as other entrants in the field, (notable is the 3DSimo which is another kickstarted option which I have backed). To give you a feel for the options available have a look through this video from Chop Busters which explores their “Top 5 3D Pen” options.

Of late another 3D technology option has reached the market in the form of soft plastic gel pens that can be cured and hardened with the use of small Ultra-violet lights. The most available of these in Australia is the IDo3D pen, which can be purchased from K-Mart in a number of different size packs.

Creative World, (who has developed a number of YouTube movies related to creating with 3D pens), has shared IDo3D Pen Unboxing + Review + Demo

Another option that doesn’t yet appear to have reached the Australian market is the 3D Magic Maker as featured on the MommyandGracie review.

Watch this space.

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