Google Apps for iPad Users – Summit Resources

Lots of people were turning up at Google Summit workshops with an iPad, only to be disappointed that many things that work on a computer either don’t work at all on an iPad, or work very differently.

Although they have many advantages, its useful to remember that an iPad is not the same as a conventional computer. Many of the things that one can do on a laptop are definitely not the same experience on an iPad. It can be a little frustrating!

Google tools have typically been designed to run in a web browser and aim to be device-agnostic, but that ideal does not always translate well into an iPad experience.  The best experience on an iPad is when you use purpose built apps, and with the right apps it is quite possible to live comfortably in a Google world on an iPad.


My friend and colleague Chris Betcher is an inveterate sharer. He’s also a regular presenter at Google Summits and other events around the country and beyond. At his school the students use iPads within the classroom. This heady mix means that Chris writes from authentic personal knowledge and experience. In this post, (part of a much more extensive site focussed on things Google. If you’re looking for tips on how to best use Google tools on your iPad then this post is a great summary.

See on Scoop.itmrpbps iDevices

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