Photos For Class: Another Creative Commons Search Option


The need to develop ethical online habits, especially around the area of re-use of other’s content is widely acknowledged and often well taught. Even when users search specifically for Creative Commons licenced images, he biggest impediment to appropriate student, (and sometimes teacher), commitment to including attribution is the process required. It’s great therefore to find Photos For Class, which not only enables users to search through Flickr Creative Commons licenced images but also applies a “G Rated” filter to the results. To top things off the images can then be easily downloaded complete with the appropriate attributions which means they can then be easily embedded into work either on or off-line.

There are a couple of limitations with the site however.

  • Apart from using quotation marks, users are restricted to simple search options.
  • As can be seen with the example above the downloaded image or the attribution doesn’t link back to the image source, (this would need to be done separately.
  • The search results don’t return results under the following headings:
    • All Rights Reserved
    • Attribution, Non Commercial, No Derivatives
    • Attribution, No Derivatives
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