Apps in Education: Rolling the Dice with Teacher Professional Development

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In July this year at our annual two-day conference, we presented a session to staff with the intention of clearly demonstrating the possibilities of combining apps to meet a lesson outcome. After lots of brainstorming we finally had the idea!! To use dice to help show how easy it is to combine apps and have a little fun! We used three dice, each dice represented a particular e5 principle; explore, explain or elaborate. It was easy to develop lists of apps for each e5 principle, but we narrowed them down to six apps for each dice with a focus on introducing new apps.  Explore – QR Reader, Notability, Twitter, Pinterest, Pulse and Wikinodes
Explain – Evernote, Over, Haiku Deck, Skitch and Messages
Elaborate – ReelDirector, Storify, iMovie, StripDesign and inFlowChart

John Pearce‘s insight:

What a really neat idea for demonstrating how the use of apps and the interactions between them can open up so many possible outcomes. I wonder how the approach might work in the classroom with students given the opportunity to nominate the apps for inclusion on the dice?

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