10 Best Internet Browsers for iPad | Mozbot – UK Technology Blog

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“Internet browsing is the strongest forte of iPad because of features like portability, connectivity, functionality and easy access it provides on the go. While iPad’s default Browser Safari does more than justice to internet browsing experience on iPad, it does not fully take advantage of the in-built iPad capability and power. This is where all the other iPad Internet Browser alternatives make their entry into the scene, particularly by exploiting the full potential of iPad’s offerings and sometimes even providing high end touch gesture integration for internet browsing alacrity.”

John Pearce‘s insight:

One of the bigest drawback in using a non-jail broken iPad is that of the restriction imposed by the inability to redefine the default apps and in particular having Safari. Whilst it has improved steadily and is capable of being massaged using javascript, it would be much nicer if we could make use of the complete range of capabilities to seamlessly move between apps in ways that this article identifies. I like my Chrome browser for some tasks, (and at least from Hotsuite I can choose between Chrome and Safari to open links), but iCabMobile is my choice when I need to distribute content between my other services including Diigo, Evernote etc. This list suggests there is even more capability out there if we want to seek it out.

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