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“There are no limits to what a great educator can achieve when they have the right tools. Graphite, a free service from Common Sense Media, helps teachers find, understand, and share the best digital learning products available.”

John Pearce‘s insight:

The not-for-profit Common Sense Media offers a range of support services for students, teachers and parents around ICT including reviews, advice and policy help. As part of this service it has just released a beta app review portal, Graphite. Graphite acts like a Consumer Reports or Yelp for educational apps, games and websites. Here, educators review apps based on a rubric, share how well they worked in their classroom and make suggestions to app developers. 

The developers are still working on the rubric which won’t be published until teachers evaluate it one more time. But it basically judges apps on a five-point scale in areas including engagement, pedagogy and support. Ultimately, Common Sense Media plans to publish the rubric so that everyone can see exactly what they’re being graded on.

Though Graphite will list only apps that have been reviewed, (which will only be a small portion of those in the various app stores), the educators reviews will provide invaluable information to cross-reference apps across other review/search services.

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