The iPad as a Trojan Mouse

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“In the best circumstances, the iPad is a Trojan Mouse. The outside is shiny and attractive, all the better to lure our unwary colleagues into opening the gates to their black box. Those of us interested in meaningful change in teaching and learning need to make sure that the shiny exterior of the Trojan Mouse is stuffed inside with serious questions about practice, student relationships, assessment, a shared language about pedagogy, and a shared vision for our students.”

John Pearce‘s insight:

Are tablets and the iPad in particular just another one of the many tech waves that have washed rather ineffectually over education down through history or will they finally become "that initiative" that asks the questions which stimulate serious change in practice? History too often suggests that school education as an institution has a unique way of codifying practice such that technologies are moulded into practice rather than vice versa. Perhpas the key question is whether educators and education will "seed or cede" the control of the technology this time around?

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