I’m Not Really A 21st Century Educator But…….

I must admit that I have real trouble with terms such as 21st century anything when referencing anything in the education area. The use of the term sort of implies superiority, that everything about teaching and learning has somehow become upgraded with the advent of another hundred years. Is it really that come the new day in each century our mechanism for learning, the brain, overnight gets a new set of updates and reboots, or maybe it’s that a more positive incarnation of the Y2K bug kicks in and the technology we really on to augment our existence morphs incrementally to the “singularity”.

Whilst some use the addendum to somehow magnify their message others seek to use it more to organize and differentiate. Occasionally someone attempts to aggregate the discussion attaching itself to the “21st century” notion and one of those has been recently updated in the DNA of The 21st Century Educator (V2). Whether you or I agree or disagree with the terminology, the slideshare below from Zaid Ali Alsagoff is a great collection of some of the most important of these discussions.

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