Sharing My Apps

One of the issues many of us face in the “age of the apps” is remembering what it is that we have on our devices. Though we might organise our apps into folders and we can ‘export’ our apps from iTunes, neither of these don’t provide details sufficient to really enable you to really understand what each app does. Enter , though it’s been around for some time now I only found out about via Twitter this week. Basically you only need to download the free app and install and run it. will then scan your iTunes and list the apps you have, (note as the app only draws from the German and US app stores data it might not list all of your apps in total though in my case it harvested all). Once scanned the list is then uploaded to the site and you are provided with a permalink to the list. From this page you can then share the page via email, Facebook or Twitter.

Apart from the fact it is a German site and as a result has some content written in German, there is one downside that if you lose the link or make more additions to your list then you need to run the app again and generate an new permalink URL. The site also lists the app as still being in Beta so it might no longer be being developed.

To find out more checkout the following movie overview.

BTW here’s my app list as of 18th July 2012.

How do you share your apps with others?

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2 Responses to Sharing My Apps

  1. Suz Arnott says:

    sadly I painstakingly screen cap and copy and paste the URL…this sounds great John

  2. ethan says:

    So what happens when you dont wanna share all your apps?

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