Parent iPad Update – May 2012! | iPads 4 Learning @ Manor Lakes College

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@CorrieB provides more insights into the 1:1 iPad implementation at Manor Lakes College in this May 2012 Parent Update. It’s interesting to contrast the way in which Manor Lakes is dealing with infractions of the policy upfront with not only the parent body but more broadly on the web and other institutions who resort to banning. It’s also illuminating to see some of the knock-on effects that accrue to the implementation process. Having the statewide ISP throttling back downloads has the potential to be extremely limiting unless suitable protocols and procedures can be found to get around this bottleneck. It will be interesting to see how Manor Lakes gets on.

In the meantime we all benefit from the generosity with which Corrie so honestly shares their experiences.

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Have you had similar experiences?

What responses have you made?

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One Response to Parent iPad Update – May 2012! | iPads 4 Learning @ Manor Lakes College

  1. This has to be the most biased trial in the history of the Tech industry, what originally started out as a “Tablet” trial parents are being forced onto a platform giving this the guise of being a marketing campaign for Apple.

    The “Trial” which is something i have brought to the ACCC’s attention given the lack of device choice offers a device which is the most unsecured tablet device on the market. (see

    iPads can be “Jailbroken” without the users knowledge (also known as “Silently Jailbroken”) which will then allow VPN access to the network from an outside attacker. Alternatively a properly prepared device on said network can be configured to cause quite a lot of damage to other devices on the network and the network itself. This can easily be setup by anyone with technical knowledge and I believe has not been addressed in any of the documentation to date.

    For a developer or anyone with technical know how this means that School networks can easily be turned into open networks allowing children to be open to tablet hacks and assuming teachers use the same network this will open up to a range of security vulnerabilities.

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