Tinkering With Tinkercad Rather Than Sketching Up With Google

Given the recent news that Google has decided to sell off Google Sketchup to the GPS focussed Trimble it was propitious to find a link from Edutecher, one of my favorite URL sources, to open source 3D modelling Tinkercad. As Google Sketchup was developed with a more industrial design focus, and despite the fact the Sketchup has a “Sketchup for educators” offering, for many the initial learning curve was just too tricky. Tinkercad by comparison is quite a bit more intuitive in the interface. The work samples provided on the Tinkercad site are also more “child friendly”.

Like Scratch, Tinkercad has a community that users can join to share work. Perhaps more exciting is that Tinkerpad creates an STL file from your design, a standard format used universally by 3D printers and printing services. This means that users have the capability to send design to a 3D printer to then turn the design into a functioning model.

To get some idea about how easy it is to get started with Tinkercad check out this movie from the Tinkercad Channel.

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One Response to Tinkering With Tinkercad Rather Than Sketching Up With Google

  1. Tinkercad says:

    We appreciate the kind words, John! It’s always great to hear how educators are using Tinkercad in the classroom. We are always amazed at the creativity and ingenuity of the kids who use our site =)

    As an aside, this is a really interesting blog post we wrote-up about our work with Marymount School: http://blog.tinkercad.com/2012/02/15/the-designers-of-the-future/. Thanks to educators like you, we are proud to help teach the designers of the future!

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