TED-Ed: Making Sense of a Safer YouTube

Ever wanted to bring YouTube into the classroom and even better add value to the experience? TED-Ed has just released a new online tool that enables you to turn selected TED videos, (and perhaps more importantly), any YouTube video into a learning sequence.

Once you’ve signed up for your TED-Ed account you get to select the video you want to focus on selecting from an expanding range of TED videos specially created for TED-Ed or alternatively from YouTube. TED-Ed provides a player that removes all of the other normal YouTube distractions.

The menu driven learning sequence enables you to add a description of some 400 characters. You then begin the sequence with a quiz option that can be used to ask learners to Think more about the video. The TED-Ed videos each have multiple choice options though when you use your own selected YouTube videos you don’t have the multiple choice option.

You next have the option to ask the learner to Think Deeper. In this section you can add more information and more importantly links to other information etc within a 200 character limit. This option could be used to link to other documents or spaces such as Google Docs etc. ‘And Finally’ you have 150 characters to “Leave your students with your closing thoughts or something to ponder.”

Having completed the process you can then preview the whole sequence before hitting the publish button. Note once you have published, you can no longer edit your lesson. Having published your sequence you are then provided with a unique URL. You can also email the link or share it via Facebook or Twitter. You can also elect to nominate your lesson to be featured by TED-Ed.

Here’s the official TED-Ed introductory video.

If you’re interested, here’s a link to a quick trial TED-Ed sequence on Living and Non-Living Things.

For a more complete sequence check out this TED-Ed prepared  one on

Just How Small Is An Atom?

Could you see yourself using TED-Ed?

Which subject areas would this approach suit best?

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