Stats, Infographics, CBS And What US Gen Z Are Doing Online

It’s been almost a month since I’ve added content to this blog which is a touch annoying as I’ve been doing lots of thinking during this time and have half composed, (in my head at least), a number of posts. Why haven’t I managed to get the words together, well lots of reasons one of which is Twitter. Too often the reason for the post is subsumed by Twitter, sometimes it’s easier to just tweet a link rather than explore it deeply and develop a theme around it at other times tweets will stimulate thinking around too many topics at once that it is too hard to marshall one’s thoughts in any particular direction, at other times keeping up with the Twitterstream takes up the time that would otherwise be given over to blogging. It’s interesting then to compare the relative dominance of Twitter in my online interactions then with the findings of this clever video infographic from the American CBS program looking at how Gen Z are working online and especially with Twitter.


Having posted this post I then checked through the Twitter stream and lo there amongst the many other distractives was a tweet from the highly connected @timbuckteeth , (aka Prof Steve Wheeler)

Twitter – It’s still all about the connections:

Amongst a number of points Steve reminds us of the peril of attaching behaviours and practices to specific age groups along the way linking to some fine examples of where Twitter is being used in schools within the age groups that ostensibly are not attracted to it. As always his posts stimulate thoughtful comments so when you do click the link don’t forget to scroll down.

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