10 reasons we need social media in schools | Imagine This!

Edchat is a great way to use Twitter when every Tuesday 2 Edchat conversations are convened at 12pm EST/ 5pm GMT and 7pm EST/ 12pm GMT. The “chats” are archived and occasionally lead to further exposition such as this set of posts on Imagine Learning. In this article that looks at 10 reasons we need social media has a summary of each point alongside a link to a teacher reflection on the point as well as more links to further articles related to the point.

Yesterday’s #edchat topic on Twitter asked how social media and mobile learning devices could improve productivity in schools. Educators from around the world chimed in to share their own social media success stories and to advocate for its use in today’s education system. Though some may still have concerns over accessibility and feasibility, most can agree: social media is here to stay.

Take a look at 10 reasons why we need social media in schools, along with some great ways to implement it effectively.


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3 Responses to 10 reasons we need social media in schools | Imagine This!

  1. Excellent post about the many ways in which social media can improve teaching and learning. There are some very creative ideas and suggestions that all teachers should be using. I’ll definitely use them in my work to help clients improve their schools. Thanks.

  2. This is an excellent article that provides creative and practical ways to use social media in schools to improve education. I will definitely use these ideas in my work with clients to help them improve teacher and learning in their schools. Thanks so much.

  3. bryant says:

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