Gamification For New Scientists And Others

Whether we realise it or not gaming is fast becoming a vibrant part of online life. In a survey from Speak Up as reported in the JOURNAL,

About six out of 10 middle school students think the use of games would help them understand difficult concepts.

It’s fascinating then to check out this video from the New Scientist magazine, (there are a couple of other movies on this page), that look at the extent that games are becoming part of everydady life even if we normally wouldn’t recognise it as gaming.

Unfortunately you can’t access the articles associated with these videos unless you are a New Scientist subscriber. Chromorama however is a great example of how gaming is coming to daily life.

Using your Oyster Card and Bike Key, Chromaroma lets you play the city as you travel. It tells you stories, gives you points, and visualises your movements on an interactive map of London.

For another perspective on gaming, Michael Andersen in a Wired mag review writes on Reality is Broken by Jane McGonigal. (if you’re interested in hearing more from Jane, check out her TED talk on Gaming can make a better world.)

If all this has got you thinking and you’re looking for some ideas related to gaming in education then have a look at the following;

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