10 Years Of The State Of Wikipedia

On the weekend one of the more hotly debated spaces in this age of online collaboration turned 10. On January 15th 2001, Jimmy Wales made the first edit to the homepage on a recently installed UseModWiki with the text “Hello, World!”. That wiki has gone on to become Wikipedia and though those first words no longer exist within the database, (the earliest remaining edit is of the entry UuU), Wikipedia has grown and grown to be arguably the pre-eminent online reference.

To celebrate the anniversary, the creative team from JESS3 have teamed up with Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales to tell the story of how Wikipedia has grown from UuU to more than 17 million articles in over 270 languages in the following video.

This infographic also from JESS3 sets out the Wikipedia timeline.

Whilst many have argued the efficacy of the articles that make up Wikipedia, (Wikipedia’s own entry on Wikipedia acknowledges this dichotomy), and other debate the derivation and nature of how Wikipedia has grown, as an institution it still stands as a beacon to what shared knowledge can look like.

How about you, how do you use Wikipedia if at all?

Also if you haven’t checked them out, JESS3 also have some other fabulous videos, graphics and websites on a huge range of topics both on and offline. Check them out.

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