Hands-On with Google Docs for iPad and iPhone

One of the initial real problems with working with iPods/Phones/Pads has been the inability to work with flash based cloud applications such as Google Docs. Pretty soon some third party app developers began to develop “workarounds” to enable users to edit their Google Docs until, (as noted), in November Google began to enable real-time editing.

This readwriteweb review mirrors my experiences. I particularly like the way that changes from either computer or device update almost instantaneously. As Google is constantly updating the mainstream docs suite no doubt there will be further developments in the “i” versions to the point that the mobile versions will more fully mirror the computer based versions. I can hardly wait.

Isn’t living in the future awesome? Right now, I’m writing this blog post on my phone while using an elliptical machine at my local gym. When I get back to my desk, this draft will be waiting for me in Google Docs, where I can edit it, add links and get it ready to publish. If I want to grab coffee later, I could bring my iPad with me and make some last minute fixes from the cafe. Everything will be saved automatically in the cloud.

As we reported in November, the ability edit, save and delete Google Docs was recently made available to iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users. While third parties have already developed mobile apps for managing Google Docs, this marks the first time Google itself has enabled mobile editing in the Web app for its popular cloud-based office suite.

Google Docs on my iPhone

Google Docs on my iPhone

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2 Responses to Hands-On with Google Docs for iPad and iPhone

  1. Hi John,

    I could be wrong, but I don’t think that GoogleDocs has ever been Flash based… I’m pretty sure that it was always written in Javascript and it’s big brother, AJAX.

    It’s good that they are finally editable though, no matter what technology they use!

  2. johnp says:

    Ah yep, you’re right Chris Google Docs is written in either AJAX or Python according to Wikipedia. Taa for the reminder :).

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