Curses, Bang Goes That YouTube Theory

Via my iGoogle Reader today I read a post from UK educator Ollie Bray about a time lapse movie showing food rotting as shown on the BBC show, Bang Goes That Theory. For those interested as I was, here is the movie.

Now of course where there’s one movie, there’s often more so I did a quick search in YouTube and found that indeed there are a number of other movies under the heading of Bang Goes That Theory. There was a hitch however in that for a number, the following message appeared when a link was clicked on.

Heading over to the BBC Bang website that supports the show I was again confronted by content blocking. Not one to be deterred I went searching to seek solutions which might allow me to access the blocked videos at least. There were several suggestions online including using proxies and other YouTube tricks. Alas all of the YouTube tricks appear to have been blocked and not wanting to head down the proxy track I have for once been stymied. Maybe someone reading this may have other thoughts and can suggest a way to access these otherwise engaging videos.

In my searching I did however find a YouTube listing of other “Bang” movies though again not all of them are accessible outside the UK. Just to pique your interest further though here’s another one.

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