I Got Sprung

For the last three days I have been conducting workshops on behalf of IWBnet in three states. Overall it was a pretty hectic few days with a full day of workshops followed by a quick trip to an airport, flight, hotel, early morning and the next day. The charter for the days was to run hands-on workshops in my case around the use of Webspiration Google Docs and Edmodo. Being workshop based there was a lot of lock step procedure involved however as with most sessions I run I much prefer it if participants ask questions and pose problems and we engage in more of a conversation. Time constraints often militate against this but a couple of interactions over the last couple of days re-inforced the importance of enabling and including participant leader interactions.

In one case I was having intermittent problems with posting to groups in Edmodo which was also leading to frustration for a number of others in the room when another participant pointed out that using the group name in the list was far easier. Score one to the participants over the workshop leader :).

In another session I was asked whether you can add your own images to Webspiration. In this case I couldn’t remember whether you could or couldn’t do this and sort of fudged a negative response. Fortunately another of the participants went searching and found that indeed you could add your own images quite easily.

Despite being a little embarrassed about my equivocal response, I was more than happy to be corrected. Trying to scramble out of things on both occasions, I used the situation to remind myself and the participants that the person out the front is not the only one with knowledge in any group and that this also applies to their students.

For any one interested, the notes I used as a getting started handout were:

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