7 Services That Will Suggest Things You Like

Head to the internet these days to look for items, links and information and the problem is no longer finding possible answers but accessing ones that are relevant and applicable to your specific needs. The notion that content is no longer king is coming to fruition. Most of us are also aware that as you search or browse ads and other page add-ons tend to become more specifically linked to our search terms or geographic location. These all relate to increasingly sophisticated algorithms that harvest information from your browsing habits to target and direct these ads and add-ons to what are perceived to be your needs or interests.

Now content portals are developing similar algorithms that seek to provide targetted suggestions to overcome the problems of unlimited choice. This Mashable article points to seven such services.

“Unlimited choice” can “produce genuine suffering,” argues Barry Schwartz in The Paradox of Choice. His research basically sums up what your mother has been telling you for years: You don’t even know what you want.

Thankfully, the Internet () does know what you want — or at least its algorithmic recommendation services are trying to figure it out. Pandora () is great for music, but these seven sites will help narrow down that agonizingly long list of choices in a variety of areas using your own past preferences.

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