Augmented interactivity takes us new places. « Students Design to Interact

Augmented reality is one of the sleeper features of iPhones and other smartphones. It offers the capability to extend our understanding of the world about us. At present the apps that collate and present this information rely on other sources such as wikipedia but increasingly other information sources are being enabled and institutions are adding to this pool. Concetta Gotlieb’s post has further information on AR as well as some links to other posts and information.

At first I was skeptical about augmented reality, I thought it was just a gimmicky way to display information.  Now I’m seeing that your device knowing exactly where you are and in what direction you are looking combined with your device knowing who you are and what you need to know right now make the computer or device disappear and in the information you need take up centre stage.  It’s all about putting things in context!

As is often the case, the good folks at CommonCraft have also addressed the need to know more about Augmented Reality in their Augmented Reality – Explained by Common Craft.

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2 Responses to Augmented interactivity takes us new places. « Students Design to Interact

  1. Thanks for the linking and also the common craft video. I’ll use that in a presentation next week.

    Do you think Augmented Reality will find a place in education?

    • johnp says:

      I’d like to think that AR will be something that students can become involved in both as a consumer and possibly more importantly as a contributor to or creator of content. Imagine school excursions where students have devices that can be used to search surroundings for things that are important to individuals rather than listening to guides. Students could also be involved in critical analysis of AR content. What about students creating local guides for their locale or for their school? And that’s just a couple of ideas straight off the top of my head :).

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