Testing, Testing, and More Testing

Though the discussion is in an American context, the basis for the story is sadly just a little further on the continuum from where we are in Australia at the moment. Our trend seems to appear to be heading in the same direction as that espoused by Ms Rhee. The fact that our former Education Minister, now PM in the recent past also has been enamoured of the practices of Joel Klein adds further weight to these concerns. Add this to the power now exerted by the federal education department and you have the potential for the developments discussed and cogently argued against in this article by Jessica Shiller in education.change to become sadly part of our education landscape too.

Michelle Rhee has decided that all students in all grades, in all subjects will begin getting tested every six weeks in Washington DC’s public schools. A similar testing regimen is in place in my hometown, New York City. Rhee argues, as did Chancellor Joel Klein, that testing can only help teachers make better instructional decisions. But the evidence points in the opposite direction.

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One Response to Testing, Testing, and More Testing

  1. allanahphoto says:

    There’s a little saying I heard lately that I like-

    “Weighing the pig won’t make it any heavier.” I would agree with National Standards if it did!

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