Diigo WebSlides

Looking for another way to display your Diigo bookmarks, then WebSlides is an interesting tool which enables you to display a group of bookmarks directly as an embed in your site or as in this case as a link to a slideshow. Each of the bookmarked sites is active within the slide window with any annotations and/or sticky notes also active. Clicking on any links within the displayed page will open the link in a new tab on your browser. In addition you can also elect to add music or other soundtrack to your WebSlide.

To create a WebSlide you need first to create and/or add a set of bookmarks to a list in Diigo. When you use the bookmark tool you are given an opportunity to Create a new list or add to an existing one. Having created your list you need to open it. In the top right corner of the screen you will see the Play as a WebSlide link.

The WebSlide window will then open. To add sound you need to click on the Customize Webslides link before clicking on the Get WebSlides Widget.

You can then play or embed your WebSlide.

That is unless you have a WordPress.com blog such as this one which will strip out the iFrame code in which case you will have to use a generic WebSlides widget such as this one which when clicked on will open the Webslide in a new tab.

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