Comical Things

Last week I had the pleasure of running a full day digital storytelling professional development activity. Previously I have run similar sessions as a presentation rather than workshop which whilst being revelatory to most of the participants often left me wanting more. As I suspected, when you allow teachers the time to play with the tools then all sorts of creativity comes to the fore. It was interesting too to see which of the apps and spaces shared attracted the attention of the participants. On this day, it was Toondoo, Xtranormal and Voki that everyone wanted to spend the most times working with. Perhaps it is the creativity imbued spaces working with comic based spaces that attracted them.

I was fascinated then to find in my Twitterstream reference to the following Slideshare on How To Tap Into The World Of Comics. If you are looking for any justification for the use of comics as well as links to an extended list of tools and possible activities then Steph Hendy has them in spades.

On the score of ToonDoo, one of the drawbacks with them is that the ToonDoo community is unrestricted and whilst it does have provision for a safe mode and a mechanism for flagging inappropriate content there is still the chance of students creating or finding “toons” that teachers would rather not see. As part of their premium services designed to address this issue, ToonDoo now offer the pay for ToonDoo Spaces ,

where you can create a private virtual ToonDoo space for your educational institution, business organization, community or group. Publish, share and discuss your comic strips with your group members in a secure and private environment!

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One Response to Comical Things

  1. Jason says:

    Dear John,

    Thanks for sharing this interesting Slideshare. It has given me some insightful uses for comics in my teaching. Thanks for sharing

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