Search Me; They’re Search Engines

Working on another project I had cause to gather together a list of search engines that are current but not Google or Bing. I have assembled them in a Google Doc and then published them directly to my blog as below. Neat….

Logical Boolean search

Duck, Duck, Go

Search, Information & Shopping

Sweet Search

Search from within evaluated sites


Search according to readability


The Web, Wikipedia, blogs and more


A Wikipedia Search


Today’s Search Today


Semantic Search

Wolfram Alpha

Computational Knowledge Search

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One Response to Search Me; They’re Search Engines

  1. Mark Moran says:

    Thank you for including SweetSearch in your post. For those who’d like more information about it, the blog post linked to below explains how we created and why we think it is the best general search engine for students to use. We will introduce a K-6 version of it in a month or so that will be an outstanding improvement on current search engines for kids.

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