Attributing You Images

One of the problems that many teachers have when working with images in internet spaces is getting students to attribute correctly the images that they use. Finding an image that has the licence best suited to your needs, getting the correct code for the image size required, giving suitable attribution with links back to the flickr page and the authors profile amongst other tasks can be tricky enough for teachers let alone students. This is where ImageCodr comes into play.

Once you have found an image in flickr you only need to copy the URL of the image and then insert this into the Get Code page at ImageCodr.

Pressing Submit Query will then bring up a screen where you can check the Creative Commons Licence attached to the image as well as select which size image you would like to embed. A HTML code which includes all of the attribution details attached to the image will then be generated which can be copied and inserted into your webspace.

The resultant embed will look something like this. Neat.

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2 Responses to Attributing You Images

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  2. bernadette says:

    I have tried using imagcodr and get the preview image with the cc details below. But not sure how to then copy this or embed this in a page

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