Web 3.0: a doc by kate ray

‘Web 3.0’ and ‘Semantic Web’ are a couple of terms that have entered the lexicon on many commentators on the future of the internet. Some commentators view the terms as being synonymous others see the Semantic Web as a subset of Web 3.0. As with many futurist predictions the definitions are based more on concepts drawn from current experience which is becoming problematic rather than a reality based on what works now.

Whatever your level of understanding of wither or both of these terms, it’s fascinating to hear the prognostications of a range of web luminaries including David Weinberger, Tim Berners-Lee and Clay Shirky. Unfortunately due to WordPress.com policies on embeds, I am unable to place the video directly into this post.

To access the 14 minute movie you can go directly to Vimeo, or perhaps more interestingly to kateray.net where Kate Ray, the creator of the video lists additional information about the video. Here Kate also points out that;

Documentaries are inevitably reductionist. I see mine as a way to start a discussion, rather than close one.

It is from this page that you can join and continue this discussion. You might also like to check out Kate’s Web2.5 blog and the dictionary included with her blog.

Web 3.0: a doc by kate ray

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