iPad, the destroyer: 19 things it will kill — RoughlyDrafted Magazine

With the launch of the iPad there has been considerable discussion around whether it will be a game changer or not. Much focus has been on comparing it with traditional and existing computing devices. Other discussion has been rightly centred around what purposes the iPad will be turned to in education. questions rightly have been raised about whether the focus of the device is more on consumption eg a reader/viewer/browser/gaming rather than creative/communication pursuits. This article from Roughly Drafted takes a slightly different focus again, looking at some of the “collateral damage” that may likely accrue as a result of widespread adoption of iPads.

Pundits, particularly of the Windows Enthusiast variety, don’t understand the iPad. It won’t kill the netbook and certainly can’t kill the notebook, they tell us. If only they knew what the iPad was really meant to destroy.

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