Water, Water Everywhere, (and it’s all in bottles aargh!!!)

Via the fabulous Pete Mackay who since 1998 has been sharing links to all manner of educationally focussed websites on a weekly basis via The Teacher List comes a link to this disturbingly fascinating movie which so comprehensively encapsulates one of the great conundrums of the consumerist society we live in, how to deal with “manufactured demand”, the desire to have things we don’t really need. In this case the focus is on “The Story Of Water” and the presenter is Annie Leonard, author of The Story Of Stuff.

The movie has been developed in honour of World Water Day. As Pete Mackay says,

I have tried to find some refuting response online to the work – and have had no luck. So, I send this as something interest in the spirit of knowing more about the world than we did yesterday.

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