Steve Wheeler’s Digital Age Pedagogies

Next week I begin a new gig as the tutor taking a group of pre-service teachers titled Teaching with New Technologies. This will be quite a challenge as much of the content has been decided by the lecturers in charge of the course. In preparation for this task I have been paying even more attention to resources that I might share with the group of students I will be working with. It was great to find in the twitterstream reference then to this presentation from Steve Wheeler from the University of Plymouth.

The presentation is notable on a number of levels, quite apart from the discussion that it is likely to produce. The graphics supported by wide range of respected opinions from other leaders in the area, come together beautifully to re-inforce the need to see learning as more than gaining knowledge. Paying reference to the need for individualised learning, Steve explores a hierarchy of trends in education before looking at self-organised learning and where Web 2.0 tools fit in this process.

I’m looking forward to what my students will make of these ideas.

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One Response to Steve Wheeler’s Digital Age Pedagogies

  1. Thanks for your positive review of my slideset John. I certainly enjoyed presenting it recently. Like you, I am also very interested to see what your students make of the slideshow and any comments they have. Good luck with the new gig!

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