Mad as hell and not going to take it any more?

How much do we really know about what happens on the internet? How much of our time spent on the net is done within a naive expectation that no-one else really knows what we’re doing? Maybe you have an appreciation or knowledge of the Deep Web or even the Dark Internet? The problem is that most of us have little appreciation let alone real knowledge of what does make up this network we call the internet.

Tony Wright of The Age reveals the story behind the unmasking of “HotCopper” who thought he could use a range of identity constructs to spew forth defamatory content, but who has been bought undone by Perth lawyer Martin Eade. The story suggests that the frontier nature that characterizes so many conceptions of the internet may need to be modified.

You’re safe on the internet, right? Got yourself signed up to a few forums and social networking sites, given yourself anonymity behind a cool pseudonym or two and you’re ready to go. Free speech. Pour out your anguish, your anger, your righteous fury at the injustices of the world. Blurt out anything that comes to mind. There’s been no freedom like it in history. No one need know who you are. Anything goes.

Perhaps if internet users can be persuaded to become involved with initiatives such as Wowd, even more of the Deep and even the Dark Internet may be bought into the light. But then again those who dislike the light, or those who just want to be inventive, may go even deeper.

Dark Web by SoulRider.222

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