More Tiny Chat And Roulette

Chatroulette continues to make the news and the news is not all that promising. Mashable reports, with video support, that from one random exploration the audience was made up of

71% Males, 15% Females and 14% Perverts

These were roughly similar to my experience on my one exploration of the site, (as detailed in a previous post).

Off the back of this story came tweet from TinyChat came a tweet alerting the world to the fact that they have now expanded their offerings in order to provide, Tinychat Next, you guessed it,

……… an endless supply of new conversation. Connecting you to new people whom you have never met……….

Now I’ve enjoyed using Tinychat for some time and have appreciated the regular functionality upgrades including whiteboard, screen sharing and peer to peer client but in this case the newest function is I think a backward step. The one redeeming feature of Tinychat Next is the possibility to create “Community Points”. My first exploration of “Next” suggests that it is not big on anyone’s horizon yet as I couldn’t bring up any other functioning cameras in the education community and only one mute person, in what was probably a placeholder, in the public space.

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