Tufts Now Accepts YouTube Videos as Part of College Application

Employers and recruitment agencies have for some time been using internet based activities including e-portfolios as part of there assessment procedures. Some local universities are moving to a mix of ranking scores and interview to determine admission to courses.

Graduate teachers are expected to develop a portfolio for presentation to prospective schools and as part of their registration process. In most cases these are text based and require considerable time to create, (not to mention update for any subsequent job application). It will be interesting to see how creative applicants using YouTube and/or other web based multi-media spaces are treated by prospective principals. I for one, (given that the content was suitable), would be highly impressed by such supporting documentation.

First the SATs, then those godawful essay topics (“Who is your personal beacon?”), now this: YouTube videos have become a part of the college admissions process — a prospect that could be simultaneously exciting and terrifying.

According to The New York Times, Tufts University has begun accepting YouTube videos as an application supplement, an idea that arose last spring when Lee Coffin, dean of undergraduate admissions, saw a particularly impressive teen-made video.

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