Sliding In To Mobile Learning

Having been the owner of an iPhone now for some 6 months or so I don’t need any convincing at all of the opportunity that these and other mobile devices can offer both in everyday life as well as for education. Just in case I was wavering at all comes the following Slideshare Though the focus is on higher ed and training the sentiments are applicable to all levels of education.

Locally, (and embracing the K-12) spectrum it’s exciting to be able to promote an upcoming conference on mobile technology use in schools with particular emphasis on iPod and iPhone technology. With the presenters;

coming from most states in Australia as well as overseas, Slide2Learn on July 1-2 in Shepparton in central Victoria promises to be a really stimulating and even better, a highly practical event that draws on the classroom based experiences of the team. Further details on the program as well as bios on the presenters can be found at the Slide2Learn Ning. Don’t forget to also check out the Slide2Learn Guide that is a continuing reference for anyone looking to work with iPod or iPhones in school situations.

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One Response to Sliding In To Mobile Learning

  1. Thanks for the mention of Slide2Learn John – we’re hoping it will really allow teachers to find practical solutions to harnessing the power of mobile learning. Cheers.

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