Edmodo Chalks Up Another Pad??

The continuing saga that is the on again off again accessibility to etherpad clones, (netherpad and piratepad have come and disappeared again and Etherpad is not guaranteed beyond March). has taken another turn with the news via Twitter that Edmodo are testing pads under the name of Edmodo Chalk. Early indications from respected testers are that as with the Edmodo microblogging service, Edmodo Chalk is

Simple, elegant, and perfect for classrooms.

I can’t wait to give it a try.

Whilst on the topic of Edmodo, there have also been some significant upgrades to the Edmodo microblogging service with an in space document reader and a replies filter. To keep up to date things Edmodo then check out their blog. If you want to read and hear more about Edmodo and Jeff O’Hara one of the Edmodo co-founder then look in at this Parents as Partners post. Jeff can be found on Twitter as @zemote.

Another etherpad outlet, (though for how long as a totally free service), is PrimaryPad. A UK based service PrimaryPad are providing some free pads alongside a pay for service. It seems the free service is groaning under the strain and will need to be curtailed somewhat which is fair enough given the way the concept of using etherpad type services is taking off.

The Edmodo Interface

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