Adopting Technology All A-Twitter: My Diigo Links 01/04/2010

Many of the major changes in society, especially those associated with technology, bring with them all manner of high expectations and dire cautionary tales with few of either being completely realised in the final washup

  • Kindlemania could suffer from bite of the Apple | Technology | The Observer

    Though this article is primarily speculating about the possible iTablet and what effect it may have on the Kindle it also contains some interesting observations on the effect of the adoption of other technologies. Far from rendering obsolete the practices they are meant to supplant, new technologies more often than not enable new or modified practice whilst significant or even greater elements of the previous practice are enabled. The article uses the example of email actually stimulating more paper based activity rather than replacing it. It then goes on to explore how the initial iteration of a new technology is very often replaced by variations that can aggregate uses in easier or more satisfying ways. This position them is used to suggest that the Kindle whilst being important isn’t likely to be the final word in e-readers.

    tags: kindle, apple, e-reader

  • As if to rain on the Twitter parade comes this cautionary article from The UK Guardian. A good read for all tweeps.

    tags: twitter, Guardian

  • An interesting article from the New York Times on the virtues and other of Twitter.

    tags: twitter, nytimes

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