If You Think RSS is Dead Then That’s Your Loss and It’s a Big One

Given the last post in this blog about my declining use of RSS this article from Marshall Kirkpatrick from ReadWriteWeb gives another perspective from a professional blogger. Whilst Kirkpatrick’s blog post is worth a read the Comments section that follows his post is also interesting.

Sam Diaz at ZDNet tonight wrote the latest admission that he’s not using his RSS reader anymore. I have a lot of respect for Sam’s writing, but I am having a hard time believing that he and so many others say they no longer even bother to read feeds. Twitter, Facebook and aggregators like Techmeme or Google News suffice for Sam, he says. He’s far from alone.

They sure don’t suffice for me. I do get a whole lot of story leads, perspective and more from Twitter (something I wrote about in an article titled Twitter is Paying My Rent) but RSS is no less important for me today than it used to be.

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