Why Tablets Will Kill Netbooks – PC World

Netbooks are all the rage at the moment with lots of time and energy being put into all manner of trials and other implementations across various sectors however this article from PC World mounts the case that already these efforts may be redundant. By discussing seven existing trends the author makes the case that touch screen tablets will become the next “big thing”. Having an iPhone I am fast appreciating the difference that touch screens bring with them in terms of flexibility and the way I look at computing. I for one can’t wait to take this one step further to a larger touch screen tablet.

On a related matter, it is worth contemplating what effect touch screen tablets will have on interactive whiteboards but that is another post.

Look, I know you like the netbook idea — and you love netbook prices. If you’re like most people, you think tablets are expensive, slow, heavy and a pain to use. But if you’ve bought one, you know that netbooks aren’t as great as they sound. And next year’s tablets will be way better than you think………Why Tablets are Finally Ready for Prime Time

Tablet devices have a bad reputation, thanks primarily to Microsoft’s fuzzy vision for the devices, which resulted in several years of incredibly expensive, slow, clunky, unappealing pen-based tablets from all the usual Microsoft partners.

Seven trends are conspiring as we speak to usher in a tsunami of tablets totally unlike the current generation of tablet PCs. Here’s what’s new:

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One Response to Why Tablets Will Kill Netbooks – PC World

  1. Sean John says:

    Very very optimistic, at best.

    True, netbooks are the apple of everybody’s eyes today, but the benfits that people get from them are very notable too.

    I have a Lenovo netbook, partnering it with a DIGISTOR external DVD burner (this one-> http://www.digistor.com/Digistor-External-DVD-Burner-USB-2-0-Slot-Load) and I’m not gonna let go of this one in the foreseeable future.

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