VITTA 09 Larry Johnson 7 Ways Technology is Unfolding

The following is a record of the Keynote address Larry Johnson gave at the VITTA Conference on the 23rd of November. This is a text based version, the Full CoverItLive version can be found at My Test Blog

9:49    Larry Johnson is one of the originators of the Horizon Report

9:50     The Australian version is at

9:50    There are seven main trends the first of which is

9:51 Trend 7 3D computing

9:52     Larrry showing images from scanning electron microscope and relating the opportunity to “move atoms”. The tools are increasingly becoming easier to use and create.

9:53    Showing visualization of how computers work and exploring how data feeds can be visualised in second life. These are not solely the province of science though.

9:53    Number 6 trend is gaming.

9:56    Showing game based on being a member of the US army. Players can take on all manner of roles based on real-life roles

9:58     Suggestion that there is a pedagogy related to these type of games that has yet to be tapped and could readily be applied to school tasks.

9:59     Corporates are now looking to gaming developers to develop training materials.

10:00     Sharing reflection that guy made 50 new friends on WOW that he would never have made sitting on couch watching TV

10:00     Trend 5 Interfaces are changing

10:01     Touch screens and iPhones are the latest manifestations using gesture based inputs and accelerometers which know which way is up and where it is in the world

10:02     We are no longer tied to keyboards and mice

10:02     Devices are also changing in the way they look eg the Kindle

10:04     Showing Smart objects such as fashion bracelets that can indentify and share information

10:05     Exploring the ubiquity of technology and how as time passes what is identified as “technology” becomes either redundant or ubiquitous

10:06     Anecdote of the radio and how Larry’s father new all the ins and outs but though we still use them we no longer concern ourselves with these issues

10:06     Trend 4 Content is everywhere

10:07     Just about everyone who has a mobile device has the potential to capture and report news

10:09     Looking at Google maps and geotagged images and videos and Wikipedia references as well as live video feeds.

10:10     This enables a whole new conception on knowledge about places

10:11     All of this challenges our current notions of copyright. We are in a period of transition that is causing disquiet and angst but will pass

10:18     Looking at maps that and maps and user generated content

10:19     Trend 3 User Generated Content

10:19     Looking at Tripit

10:19     Trend Number 2 The Network Is Everywhere

10:20     Exploring Cloud Computing that has been a major trend in the last four Horizon Reports

10:21     This challenges where the infrastructure exists

10:22     Looking at maps of electricity grid and then comparing it with the mobile networks are. The mobile network grids far exceed in coverage that of the electricity grid

10:23     Nearly 100% of Australians have access to a mobile phone

10:26     Watching movie of the evolution of the mobile phone

10:26     Looking at a portable mobile phone tower on a truck complete with it’s own generator

10:27     Big question is then what is our strategy for mobile phones in schools and universities

10:28    The internet has become a place where we can define our existence

10:29     Trend 1 The People Are The Network

10:29     Originally the internet was all about shifting and sharing files but has now evolved into the way we can share

10:30     Being online is part of reality and shouldn’t be ignored

10:30     Being young today is very much about connecting with their peers via the network

10:31    Reminiscing about sharing pics of family from our wallets and how we do the same task now via our phones etc

10:31    Now we can share pics from our phone that can be organised by facial recognition technology

10:32     Who you are is defined by who you connect with

10:32     It’s now becoming harder to find folks who aren’t on Facebook than are

10:34     There are lots of other adaptations of social networking eg couchsurfing network

10:36     Number of tools are developing to help us understand the networks we form eg xobni

10:37     What is your social networking strategy, do you have one and how do you manage it?

10:37     Twitter is the great unifier at the moment

10:38     It can be used to track things in real time

10:38    Larry shared a link to his wiki The session has closed

11:20     From Steve Hargadon this tweet @larry_pixel Book recommendation based on Larry’s last trend: Connected.

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